How do I feel about Christianity?

What do I actually think of Christians?

Answering a question like that is very difficult, because not only are my feeling on the issue complex, so is the issue itself. 

The most basic answer is that my feelings about Christians and my feelings about Christianity are different subjects. After all, I can love and befriend anyone, from any religion, philosophical school, culture, language, political views, etc., without necessarily having to agree with any particulars of any of those. 

So, about Christians, as people, I have no different feeling than I have for any other person. I do, however, have very complex, and sometimes negative feelings toward monotheism as a religious concept, and to the religions that subscribe to it. This means Judaism, Islam, and Christianity are religions I have huge issues with. 

For one thing, Monotheism is, in my opinion, false. Even the monotheistic religions themselves contradict themselves on the idea of a singular all encompassing divine being. And my own belief, that divinity is not singular, contradicts this. As a matter of faith, however, I have nothing against people coming to a conclusion different from my own, even if it makes no sense to me.

Another thing that bothers me is the tendency of monotheistic religions to proselytize. It isn't enough to believe, you have to make other people believe too, and it bugs me how arrogant and self righteous this leads some people to become. 

And then there is the zealotry. Oh, I know, this can often go hand in hand with proselytizing, but what I mean by Zealotry is the almost insane fixation on their religion and the need to impose that religion not just on people around them, but on everything. TV, Movies, Music, Clothing, all of it has to conform to their religion, and they don't just feel a need to preach their religion, which is proselytizing, but to force that religion on others, sometimes violently. This is basically the same, though not exactly, as fanaticism. 

Any religion that encourages zealotry and proselytizing is one I am vehemently opposed to. 

But most religions are not monolithic. There are sects in Christianity that are very non-violent, very non-zealous, and exist for the benefit of their adherents, not to spread like a virus. I have no problem with these. There are Islamic traditions that are non-violent, non-zealous, and whose main focus has always been the inner self. Meditating on their concept of god and seeking to understand the inner being, the soul, through rites of purification, I have no problem with these. There are Jewish sects that seek only to be left alone to follow their own traditions unmolested, choosing to not bother others in exchange. No problem there. 

Unfortunately, human beings tend to gravitate to the more flashy, violent, arrogant forms of these religions more than to the peaceful ones. Perhaps because they give people an ability to feel superior to others, or because it grants them a feeling of power, either towards others or to themselves, and some people are just sheep, following along rather than thinking for themselves, and these people I have huge issues with because they do not really seek to aid others, only to further their own selfish needs and wants, and so long as this remains true of so many monotheistic religions (and some of the Eastern Religions as well) I will remain opposed to the idea of organized religion. 

Because nothing is the world is more dangerous than mobs of zealots.

Into honest lead us

Help us, O Lord 
Whose eyes see all 
Whose light shines so bright 
Let us see far and wide 
And always true
Help us, O Lady 
Who watches the darkness 
Whose light illuminates but does not reveal 
Let us see our way 
And always wonder at the mystery 

Help us, O Helios 
Lord of the Sun 

Help us, O Selene 
Lady of the Moon 
Lead us into bliss 
Lead us into joy 
And mostly, oh heavenly ones 
Lead us into the pursuit of honesty 
For therein lies the light of divinity 

You will never

You will never be lost
Not while we walk with you
For we shall not let you walk alone
Who are your eternal companions

You will never know loneliness
Not while you hold our hand
For we are your friend, your lover
Who are your eternal companions

You will never know a sad fate
Not while you dream with us
For we are unendingly creative
Who are your eternal companions

You will never fail
Not while you fear not to try
For we are your encouragement
Who are your eternal companions

You will never fear death
Not while you live a fruitful life
For we see you even when others do not
Who are your eternal companions

You will never die
Not while we live to remember you
For we have you in our hearts forever
We Gods, your eternal companions

High Upon the Mountain

High upon the mountain
Where the white caps meet the skies
And this world but grazes the heavenly realm
I spy you, O Lord of the Lyre

Where dancers spin in joy
Musicians accompany with glee
And all do you honor, shining Apollo

Low upon the earth
Where men sing your praises
And in ecstacy lay bare their hearts
I spy you, O Lord of Healing

Where nurses ply their caring trade
Mothers and Fathers pray in hope
And all call you, if not by name, loving Apollo

Immersed in the holy waters
Where purification may occur if sought
And all our doubts may be washed away
I spy you, O Lord of Purification

Where the wolf and the dear drink
Human and animal joined to a fair purpose
To drink of the waters of life, cleansing Apollo




Bright and beautiful
Strong and wise
Warrior of peace

Your divine wisdom will guide us


Fighter and protector
Eternal and pure
Sovereign of strength

Your presence will embolden us


Athena of the High Places

Blessed, o Lady
High upon the hill
Looking down upon your city

Athena, guardian

Blessed, o Lady
Goddess of warriors
Fighting to protect your city

Athena, protectress

Blessed, o Lady
Goddess of the wise
Imparting knowledge to your city

Athena, teacher

Blessed, o Lady
Goddess of the loom
Weaving the tapestry that is your city

Athena, weaver

Athena of the steel grey eyes

Blessed, o Lady
Virgin goddess
A divine reminder to your city

Athena, inviolable


Athena, motion and wisdom.

In later antiquity, when Christianity had already established quite a foothold, many Christian Philosophers in what would become the Orthodox and Gnostic churches developed ideas about an aspect of their God  called Sofia (Wisdom,) which was a feminine force emanating from God´s head. She was not a deity in the sense that Pagan worshippers might have thought, but much like Pagans may have thouoght, she was an aspect of a greater power. 

In some Pagan philosophies, Athena, the wise goddess who in myth sprung from the head of Zeus, the father, could be seen in much the same way, even though Pagans then, and Pagans now, recognize Athena as a true Goddess rather than simply as an emanation, aspect, or avatar of Zeus. 

I, of course, see Athena as the Great Goddess of Wisdom and Defense, but I do often wonder if I do myself a disservice by not studying further this Christian concept known as Sofia, especially since it is clear that it comes from the Pagan interpretation of Athena, who like Sofia, is a Goddess who is constantly in motion. Athena is never still. Never passive even when her help is passive. And in my experience, Athena is a force that often forces us to act, for she is not always subtle, though subtlty is one of her strengths, for wisdom is not something you simply have, it is something you must strive for, fight for, gain by your actions and learning. Athena pushes me, as Sofia is said to move upon the waters, causing them to move, so too does Athena move upon my soul, forcing me to learn and never idly rest on what I already know. 

It is my, rather uneducated opinion, that this is the reason such a majority of Pagans teld to be fairly liberal minded, even if they are conservative on other ways, because we all worship her, even if by other names, that Goddess that forces us to be open to new ideas, reinterpretations of old ones, and to the iseas and interpretations of others. 

It may take some of us longer to come to realize that it is better to learn than be stagnant, but in her service we all learn this invaluable lesson, and for that lesson we must be thankful and praise her divine power.


O Lady, who once sat in darkness, come into the light! Rise from your dark kingdom, to which you were married off! Rise, O Queen, and with you may warm breezes and the flowering of trees ascend to this, our mortal world!

To Hestia

I pray, o goddess, who with fire's flickering light did bring us new health

I sing, o goddess, who with the fruits of your labor brings us joy

I sacrifice, o goddess, a portion of that which with your aid I have made

Blessed lady of the stove flames, in thanks I sing

Blessed Head is of the hearth and Home, in thanks I pray

Ave Domina

Ave Domina
Speciosam et fortis
Partis vestri munera nobiscum
Quia filii tui sumus

Ave Mater Dei
Dolor in silentio
Partis vestri munera nobiscum
Dolores vitae

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